What exactly are Essential Oils?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

An essential oil is an aromatic, volatile substance found within a plant. It is extracted from a particular part of the plant, like the flower, leaf, resin, bark, root, branch, seed or fruit. Within these oils, hundreds of organic constituents promote beneficial responses when applied or inhaled.

Essential Oils Market value to hit $15 billion by 2026: Global Market Insights, Inc. Essential Oils Market size is projected to register over 9% CAGR up to 2026, impelled by rapid demand for plant-based oils in the food & cosmetics industry.

I wish people came with labels just like my essential oils, that way I'd know if they were 100% pure or not...

Where do essential oils come from?

The major producers of essential oils are Brazil, China, USA, Egypt, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco and Indonesia. All of them with the exception of USA are developing countries with low cost, peasant type economies. It is estimated that about 65% of world production emanates from developing countries. The major consumers are the USA (40%), Western Europe (30%) and Japan (7%). While the EU as a whole dominate world trade, exports and imports, no individual country from this bloc features in the list of major producers. Most of the major producing countries have large populations with huge internal appetite for essential oils.

My phone keeps autocorrecting the word 'all' to 'oil' - I think I may be in too deep!!!