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MrandMrsNurse have enjoyed essential oils for almost 30 years. The discovery of different aromas is one of the beautiful aspects of collecting and using oils. Due to its popularity we offer 3 different Orange botanicals in our #23 collection. Try one, try all three, like fine wines, see which one excites you, which aroma works for you, which one leaves you wanting more. What it really boils down to is personal preference in aroma and we have 3 distinct ones for you to enjoy.

In the peel of a fresh Orange, there are cells that contain the fruit’s volatile fatty oil glands. Orange Oil is therefore derived from the fruit peel. The extraction process may involve first separating the rinds from the Oranges, then grinding, chopping, or puncturing them before they are pressed. The order of events may differ but the results are the same.

The liquid that results from this pressing process is a combination of orange juice and orange essential oil, which gradually begin to separate from each other, at which point the essential oil is collected.


In 800 AD, Oranges were introduced to eastern Africa and the Middle East by Arab traders and were then distributed through the trade routes.

Sweet Orange does not occur naturally in the wild, and is believed to have been cultivated first in either China, northeastern India, or southeast Asia. The Spanish introduced the Sweet Orange to South America and Mexico in the mid-1500s, and the French most likely brought it to Louisiana. It was from there that seeds made their way to Florida, where the first large-scale cultivation of the fruit began, in which Sweet Orange was grafted onto Sour orange rootstock. Presently, Brazil and the U.S. are the world’s two major orange producers.

A 2009 research study, published in the International Journal of Food and Science Technology found that orange oil can prevent the growth of the E. coli bacteria, a harmful bacterial strain that causes food to be contaminated, resulting in food poisoning, kidney failure and even death if consumed.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Advanced Biomedical Research illustrates how the essential oil of orange is able to reduce salivary cortisol and pulse rate levels in children who are in an anxious state of mind during dental treatments. This demonstrates how orange oil helps to induce feelings of calm and relaxation, keeping heart levels steady.

The orange is truly a wonderful fruit for human health, and that's why Orange oil has been a popular, traditional, all-natural folk remedy throughout various regions, such as India, China and the Mediterranean region, for thousands of years. It has been used to boost the immune system and to combat various health ailments, such as poor digestion, fatigue, colds, skin infections and many others.

Orange oil is also a great circulation booster! It greatly improves blood flow and circulation to the various parts of the body, which is perfect for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. This is because increased blood flow to vital organs helps to lower such blood pressure levels.

It can also fight hypertension, therefore mitigating the risks of cardiovascular diseases and provides pain relief from headaches and menstrual cramps since it induces blood flow to these areas, therefore lowering pressure. It can also help to improve low libido!

The essential oil of orange is also a great detoxification agent! This is because it's a diuretic, which means it is able to get rid of toxins from your body.

Orange oil is considered a carminative, it is able to expel out any excess gas that may be found within the stomach and intestines, as well as prevents the formation of such excess gas in the first place.

Research has been carried out to investigate orange oil’s capabilities of fighting cancer cells. For example, a 2010 research published in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research illustrates how the presence of hydroxylated polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) present in orange oil is able to inhibit growth of colon cancer cells!

Please read our evidence based blogs from around the globe on the incredible scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of essential oils on our health and well-being. Next time you run into someone who says its all nonsense, point them to our botanical blog and let them argue against the scientific evidence. There's not many things that have stood the test of time and essential oils have been used effectively since 3500BC.


Orange Essential Oil can deodorize while exuding its own fresh and energizing scent. Simply inhaling the scent of the oil from the bottle has a sedative, relaxing effect that simultaneously reduces anxiety and contributes to the feeling of being alert. Orange oil blends well with lavender, lemon and clary sage. Buy them all and enjoy a discount worth talking about... Plus remember every oil you buy we gift one to a nurse.

The smell of Orange in the morning begins your day just perfectly. Uplift and revitalize your spirit. Try 6-7 drops into your diffuser and change the environment in the air and enhance your mood!

If you have diffuser jewelry, a few drops can give you a boost of energy.

Check out our amazing collection of diffuser pendants and car diffusers. You can even personalize some of them.


Orange Essential Oil is known to enhance the complexion, especially for those who suffer from eczema it can be combined with other oils such as Frankincense Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil, which are known to facilitate the healing of skin.


Orange Essential Oil can reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and enhance circulation. Combining it with a carrier oil and massaging it into the abdominal area is reputed to facilitate and improve digestion, which eases or prevents cramps and constipation. Orange Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can offer relief to those who suffer from pain and swelling in the joints.


A combination of Orange Essential Oil and Honey is known to eliminate bacteria, to reduce dandruff and itchiness by restoring moisture, and to balance the scalp’s pH without removing any of its vital natural oils.


Orange Oil can be added to the laundry to scent clothing, or it can be added to the dishwasher.

For a natural moisturizer, combine 1-2 drops of Orange Essential Oil with 1-3 tsp. of a carrier oil such as Organic Almond, Olive, Coconut, Hemp, Jojoba, or Macadamia. Apply this mix to the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots and to encourage collagen production. Orange Essential Oil can also be combined with other oils such as Frankincense Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil, which are known to facilitate the healing of skin. Caution: Always test your mixture on a small area first

Orange essential oil is a great degreaser when combined with 1/4 cup of castile soap and water and used to spray down stovetops or countertops. When combined with tea tree oil, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap, orange essential oil makes an excellent all-natural floor cleaner. Add 10 drops of each type of oil to 1 cup each of alcohol and white vinegar, 1 teaspoon dish soap, and 1 to 2 gallons of very hot water. 

For a simple yet deeply cleansing face wash that reduces the amount of oil on the skin and controls acne breakouts, a nightly tonic can be made by adding 2-3 drops of Orange Essential Oil to 1 cup of water. This mixture can be used to wash the face before going to bed. For those who apply makeup to the skin, 3-4 drops of Orange Oil can be combined with a 1 Tbsp. of a light carrier oil such as Olive or Sweet Almond before the blend is applied to the face with a cotton ball or cotton pad. Before wiping it off, allow the oil to sit on the skin for 5 minutes. Caution: Always test your mixture on a small area first

Orange Oil can be used in a foot soak: Add a mixture of 2 Tbsp. Sea Salt and 10-15 drops of Orange Essential Oil to a basin of warm water and soak the feet for 20-30 minutes.

To improve digestion, mix 3-4 drops of Orange Essential Oil with 1 tsp. of Olive Carrier Oil and massage it into the abdominal area. This will encourage digestive enzymes to be released, which will subsequently improve digestion and thereby prevent or relieve gas and constipation.

For additional advice on how to use or blend oils please contact MrsNurse at


For external use only: MrandMrsNurse always suggest consulting with a medical practitioner before using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Pregnant and nursing women are especially advised not to use essential oils without the medical advice of a physician. In the event of an allergic reaction, discontinue use of the product and see a doctor, pharmacist, or allergist immediately for a health assessment and appropriate remedial action. To prevent side effects, consult with a medical professional prior to use.

Essential Oils should always be stored in an area that is inaccessible to children.

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