How to Use Safe4Kids Essential Oils

Essential Oils should be handled in the same manner as other products that can pose potential dangers if mistreated. They should be stored in in an area that is cool, dark, and out of the reach of children, and they should be used in accordance with their instructions and expiry dates.

Oil Massage

How to:

  • Make sure that oil removal products are easily accessible. These include a Carrier Oil, lotion or cream, any other product that can help dilute the Essential Oil without further causing the oil to irritate the skin, and a soft cloth.

  • The parent should rub the diluted Essential Oil between the palms in order to gently warm it before massaging the child.

  • When massaging the oil into a child’s skin, do so lightly – applying only enough pressure to gently stimulate the skin.

  • When massaging a child, begin with the legs. When massaging the chest and belly, use light outward strokes that start at the center and spread gently toward the sides or the shoulders. Further research on child massage techniques is highly recommended.


  • Reputed to encourage and help advance child’s development, such as weight gain, emotional balance, and emotional connection with the parent.

  • Reputed to reduce irritability

  • Reputed to encourage deep, sound, quality sleep and to reduce minimize sleeplessness