Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Native to India, Lime trees produce white flowers and citrus fruit and was first carried to the Mediterranean in the 19th Century. Today, Limes are grown throughout the West Indies, Central America and Italy. The entire peel is put through a steam distillation method to extract the essential oil.

Lime oil is very beneficial for revitalizing body and spirit, as well as for creating protection in one's space. The sharp, citrusy scent of lime oil is very beneficial in cutting through delusion and creating clarity - very helpful when you have an important decision to make.

Lime’s culinary uses as a citrusy delight are known throughout the world.

As an essential oil, it offers a wave of therapeutic recipes.


Lime trees originated in Asia, and are now cultivated in most warm countries. The tree was introduced to Europe by the Arabs, and then travelled to the Americas with settlers. Ship's crews often depended on limes to prevent scurvy, as they have significant quantities of Vitamin C. In modern times, lime oil is used to flavor ginger ale and sodas, and in perfumes.

Lime Essential Oil has been used therapeutically for centuries by many cultures and could offer benefits that can improve your daily life. Whether it’s used aromatically, topically or internally, the lime fruit has endless ap