Developing countries and small, poor, rural villages throughout the world are finding that planting trees etc and producing essential oils for you to enjoy can be a tremendous source of sustainable employment and revenue that they wouldn't have had before. It allows them to LIVE a life that they thought wasn't possible before.

Watch the video and learn how one incredible donation of melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) seed was donated by the Fletcher farming family, from New South Wales, transforming this entire community.


MrandMrsNurse source our essential oils from many of the same farms and suppliers that some of the more 'well known' brands do... This is why we are 100% confident you will LOVE - LIVE and GIVE our oils for years to come. 


We seek to develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers who in turn create sustainable jobs and provide reliable income for people in underdeveloped areas.

Purchasing from MrandMrsNurse means you are paying it forward every step of the way, thank you for being part of our mission and vision...



Agriculture provides the main source of income for many rural communities in developing countries., diversification to growing and even processing agricultural plants for essential oils, can help protect farmers from unstable prices of cash crops. Essentials oils (volatile oils) can be extracted from the leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, roots from a wide variety of plants and the rind of certain fruits. An estimated 3,000 essential oils are known of which approximately 300 are of commercial importance.


West Africa Production

In West Africa, production of essential oils is helping to provide employment in rural areas and to protect farmers from unstable prices of traditional cash crops, such as cocoa, coffee, cotton and palm. In Togo, Benin and Ghana, a regional project has supported rural communities in mastering the extraction of essential oils from Gambian tea, basil, lemongrass, and other native plants. The production of these oils is not only meeting local demand but is earning valuable foreign exchange through sale on international markets.​ Help others LIVE a productive and happy life by supporting MrandMrsNurse and the farms that we source our oils from.

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Morocco and Beyond

In Morocco, cottage industries for extracting essential oils have existed since the C7th AD utilising the aromatic plants that make up a large part of the natural vegetation. However, researchers have been able to improve and add value to this 'essential' industry and to provide additional environmental benefits for growing these aromatic plants. ​

Distillation of oil from the Waria-Waria tree leaves (Asteromyrtus symphyocapra) in picture, is providing much needed cash income for villagers in the lowlands of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. CSIRO scientists have worked with locals to develop a system for growing, harvesting and processing the leaves from this tree species to provide an oil, similar to eucalyptus oil, for treating colds, aches and pains and even as a hair restorer. 

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