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About Mr and Mrs Nurse


MrandMrsNurse met on December 23rd 1979 and fell in love, getting married in 1984.. We raised two beautiful, independent women and now we're blessed with two gorgeous, delicious grandsons, one from each daughter.

As Registered Nurses we've seen enough pain and suffering to last many lifetimes,

We still work as nurses and combined with our

BUY ONE - GIFT ONE business model, we hope to bring joy, laughter, peace and calmness to what

can be a crazy world.

We're still just two young kids in older bodies, writing chapters in the book of our lives...

Come join us on our journey

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Beauty Product


MrandMrsNurse source the highest quality essential oils available in the industry. We provide GC/MS test results from a verified independent third-party lab on all of our essential oils. GC/MS tests verify purity and quality of the oils sold so customers can know we mean it when we say our oils are 100% pure and authentic. Like fine wines, essential oils all vary in aroma and appeal, that's why we offer a money back guarantee on all our oils. 


We are a family-owned company and our loved-ones and healthcare community inspire us to put safety, quality and sustainability at the forefront of our goals.


Together through our BUY ONE  - GIFT ONE business model we share our love for 100% pure essential oils with you and millions of others because we believe that it makes scents for everyone.....

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MrandMrsNurse provide discounts to retailers who want to join us. If you are interested in learning more about the retail program we offer, please reach out to our Account Manager at contact@mrandmrsnurse.com

We are excited to work with you!